Smart Assets


A smart asset is any property which whose ownership and transaction history is recorded and verified by a computationally secure blockchain. Originally this property is 'money' - as in BitCoin but with DeOS you can register and exchange almost any type or class of asset.

Pain Points: what problem will it solve?


Business Function:

  • Components

    • REST API

    • DEOS Desktop Client

    • Mobile Client

    • Programming Language APIs

    • Blockchain As A Service

    • IoT Interface

    • Big Data Analytics

      • Apache Spark

      • Cassandra

      • Apache Kafka

  • Features

  • Functionalities


  • Business
  • Operational

Cost Benefits

  • Estate Savings
  • Scaling Savings
  • Security Savings

Business Process Architecture


Solution Architecture


Readiness Level

  • Proof of Concept
  • Production Ready
  • Market Ready


Who else has developed this usecase?

Do we have IP?

Who has worked on it – Bank or company

What’s the market for it?

Size of Market

What are the key driver of demand of product

What are the key supply and sales channel to access your end market

Target customers, and the size

Banking Customers: [List of usecase buyers from Razormind list]