Digital Forensics


Digital Forensics


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Razormind performs forensic acquisition, preservation, and analysis of data stored on digital media ranging in size from a single HDD on a workstation to multi-terabyte databases located in third-party datacenters. 

Our IT forensic examiners are backed by our proven suite of tools, processes, and procedures and highly experienced team, hailing from prosecutors’ offices and federal investigative agencies.  Razormind can quickly and expertly extract relevant information from enormous volumes of data.  Our methodology for collecting and preserving the forensic evidence complies with industry best practices and legal evidentiary standards.  

Razormind provides digital forensic services for a wide range of purposes, including critical incident response, internal investigations, data security assessments, and litigation support.  Our forensic examiners are expert in extracting data from all forms of digital media, including hard drives, desktops, laptops, servers, storage vaults, backup tapes, cameras, and memory cards. 

Some of the forensic services Razormind performs are:

•    Live data acquisition (both on- and off-site)
•    Remote data acquisition
•    Forensic imaging
•    Duplication of digital media for discovery
•    Interacting with government forensic examiners for clients adverse to the government in litigation

Razormind can answer any number of questions regarding the use of client information and communication systems and data.  For example, Razormind personnel are called upon to address:

•    Where a data security breach originated
•    Which users accessed particular data
•    Who leaked confidential information (sending documents to outside parties)
•    Whether an attack compromised personal data (including credit card numbers), and to what extent
•    Whether an email has been opened
•    Whether a user has tampered with or erased data
•    Whether an employee has been using company media to browse contraband

Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile devices have become so common, and are used for so many purposes, that they present their own set of issues in many business and legal contexts. 

Some users are very sophisticated, and may exploit all the technical capabilities of mobile devices in ways that overcome security measures or create challenges for investigators needing to analyze the uses of that device. 

Other, less sophisticated users may unwittingly employ mobile devices so as to open the door to security breaches or to unknowingly leave a trail of evidence.

Razormind personnel have the knowledge, expertise, and technological tools to interrogate mobile devices in such a way as to preserve evidence for analysis and use in legal proceedings.  Razormind can retrieve contact information, emails, text messages, call logs, photos, audio and video, browsing history, GPS points, passwords, and other stored information from mobile devices