Business Analytics

Information is the most valuable asset you Information is the most valuable asset your business has. It tells you what your customers are doing; what they want to be doing; and what they think of your business. That can help you to create a better customer experience. It also tells you what’s going on within your business, what you could do better, and how you can take advantage of new markets or develop innovative solutions. It shows you where processes can be improved and profits increased.

Combining internal and external data from different, apparently incompatible, sources can provide some unexpected insights.

Our customers use data analytics services to tackle fraud, analyse scientific data and improve customer interactions. We have helped Government departments and local authorities to save money through increased efficiency and fraud reduction. By analysing their data, we’ve recommended changes that can be made and installed analytics systems which provide a sound basis for future decision making.

Big data is much more than a buzzword or a passing fad.

What is big data?

We all leave a data trail – when we use transport, buy something, browse online or interact with communications technology. Much of that bulk data is collected in a raw form, so that insights can be extracted later. The complex mass of data is what has become known Big Data. It’s immensely powerful, but only if you have the technology and knowhow to extract meaningful insights.

Big data and the supercomputer

Areas of scientific research are hampered by the limited ability to query large data sets. Razormind is part of the supercomputing revolution that aims to push back this boundary. Our partnership with DataBrix has delivered analytics of complex academic data in fields like cancer research and big data analytics, and the Razormind DeOS Computer was the first to achieve a computational speed of over 100 petaflops (100 quadrillion calculations per second).


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