Ensure business continuity with Razormind Software Subscription and Support.

 Access and deploy the latest technology just when you need it.

Businesses are under more pressure than ever to deliver better results in an increasingly tough economic environment. You need to reduce risk, uncover savings, improve processes and ensure business continuity without fail. All to better serve customers. 

This is why Razormind teams develop new software technologies and enhancements for the Razormind software that you are currently using. We want to help you handle increasing complexities as well as take advantage of new opportunities.

With Razormind Software Subscription and Support (S&S) our technical professionals and ongoing product enhancements can help you get the most out of the IT investments that you have already made in Razormind software:

  • The latest updates for your software at your convenience. You’ll be up to date and equipped to explore new opportunities, whenever you’re ready to do so.
  • Easy access to technical support via phone or Internet. From installation and configuration assistance to hints and tips for maximum system efficiency—our experts and online resources are there to help you.

Razormind Software Subscription

  • Protects your IT environment
  • Ensures quicker return on investment through faster deployment
  • Provides access to new releases of your licensed Razormind software
  • Helps reduce software lifecycle costs
  • Includes optional notification of new product releases and technical support updates

Razormind Technical Support

  • Gives you 24/7 access to technical support around the world, in your language, for fast problem resolution
  • Enables online technical support through electronic service requests
  • Includes access to the Razormind support portal for enhanced self-help and search capabilities

Razormind Passport Edge and Razor Software Accelerated Value Experience

Passport Edge is a comprehensive Razormind program that uses a common set of agreements, processes and tools. It covers software license acquisition, Razormind Software Subscription and Support, Razormind Appliances and Razormind SaaS subscriptions.

Razor Software Accelerated Value Experience complements and interlocks with Razormind Software S&S to ensure an enhanced and personalised support experience. It can provide services such as on-site technical assistance, priority support call routing, single point-of-contact and much more to increase business productivity while reducing operational costs.

The Bottom Line

Technology and enterprises are never static. Today’s requirements are different from tomorrow’s. That’s why you need to invest in technology that can help you evolve, innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

With Razormind's Software Subscription and Support, you can capitalise on emerging opportunities and respond quickly to emergencies with expert help. Get the most value from your software investments. Renew your Razormind Software Subscription and Support for every product, every year.