Razormind offers consultancy and support services across a range of enterprise-related fields. Our team of consultants, operational and technical subject matter experts are drawn from the charitable, not for profit, government, security, logistics, retail and financial service sectors.Bringing with them invaluable experience of operating at the highest levels of their respective industries and trained in process improvement, project management  and consultancy methodologies, Razormind's Professional Services Team specialise in planning and guiding projects smoothly to completion on time and to budget and providing immediate recovery advice and support for failing legacy projects.

Razormind's Professional Services are designed to support and guide in-house staff where there is a need for external and objective guidance, providing impartial advice in a number of technical and business areas. Drawing upon their backgrounds, Razormind's Professional Services team  are considered subject matter experts in the areas of Online Security, Information Management, Storage and Availability , Blockchain and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and Mobile Working and Applications. Razormind's Professional Service teams deploy these skill-sets to:


IT Application Specification

Before procuring a new application or website it is vital for the long-term uptake and success of the purchase that it is fit for purpose for all end users and delivers what you intend. Our consultants excel in partnering with stakeholders to identify and document project requirements based on needs and accessibility analysis and drafting an agreed Statement of Work for your vendor. Time and consideration spent at the front-end of your project ensures it is delivered to time, budget and delivers as intended.

Unfortunately when projects such as applications, platforms or websites are procured they can fail to deliver for a multitude of reasons and Razormind's Professional Services team are recovery experts. Our consultants are adept at assessing the quality and fitness-for-purpose of your purchase, our technical assessment report being vital for negotiating a settlement with your vendor.

To discuss your IT Application Specification needs please contact our New Business team for an informal chat.


IT Management and Support

Assessing and deciding how to provide, support and manage your IT infrastructure is vital for achieving a positive ROI on your investment. Whether you manage your investment in-house or out-source it to your vendor can have a significant impact on the real-cost of your purchase. Similarly, how your investment is aligned to your strategy can determine the long-term effectiveness. With multiple and often conflicting stakeholder opinions it can be useful to have an independent and impartial assessment and the Razormind Professional Services team are experts in providing this.

To discuss your IT Management and Support needs please contact our New Business team for an informal chat.


IT Procurement

Having a robust IT procurement process is vital for ensuring that purchasing and follow-up costs are realistic, as expected and manageable while your project is actually able to deliver what you seek. The Razormind Professional Services team have years of experience in IT Procurement process improvement, product selection, vendor assessment, contract advisement and SLA drafting. 

To discuss your IT Procurement needs please contact our New Business team for an informal chat.


Business Strategy and Customer Experience

Innovation that increases competitiveness and differentiation, sparks customer centricity and drives growth.

  • Business Strategy

  • Customer driven strategy

  • Razormind Interactive 

  • Mobile enterprise transformation

  • Social business


Digital Operations

Drive integrated operations and decision making to enable strategic change and achieve competitive advantage.

  • Digital Operations


Talent & change

Manage transformation through organizational change and improved workforce management using analytics.

  • Talent and change


Finance, Risk and Fraud

Improve forecasting and reporting, develop predictive capabilities, reduce enterprise risk, and optimize your finance organization.

  • Finance Transformation

  • Risk Management Services

  • Counter Fraud and Financial Crimes


Big Data & Analytics Consulting

Harnessing technology to drive business innovation and create sustainable growth while optimizing the IT organization.

  • Big Data & Analytics Consulting


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