Support made proactive, prompt and personalized to help you stay ahead.

Named Support is the next level of award-winning Razormind Support, built to assist customers running mission-critical sites, applications and events on the Razormind network. It offers fast response SLAs, a designated Named Support Engineer and access to a pooled team of technical support experts who help you get the maximum out of your Support engagement. Your Named Support Engineer analyzes your Support usage and gives forward looking recommendations designed to mitigate the volume and severity of support cases, while also extending fast and skilled response if a problem does arise. And if you ever want to better understand and independently configure, manage, and monitor Razormind's suite of services, you can attend Razormind Labs courses at your convenience.

Some key features include:

  • A designated Named Support Engineer  A highly skilled Razormind expert responsible for delivering both preventive and reactive Support for your web properties during business hours.
  • Preventive Support Periodic review discussions by your Named Support Engineer to inform, educate and recommend best practices based on your support usage. Your technical issues receive preferential attention and rapid escalation at Razormind.
  • Quicker resolution Through preferential case handling and status updates delivered by your extended team at Razormind that understands your setup.
  • Faster response times Up to 300% faster than Razormind Standard Support.
  • Increased self-serviceability & empowerment Through 2 free Razormind University seats.
  • Named Enhanced Support is comprised of the following high value service deliverables.

Some key features includes:

Benefit to your Business:

  • High availability and business continuity.
  • Access to seasoned technical experts familiar with your blockchain.
  •  Faster prioritized 24x7x365 access to Razormind Support. 
  • Continuous proactive engagement from Razormind Support or periodic reviews abd best practice recommendations.  
  •  Self-sufficiency empowerment through Razormind University and Razor Control Center.  

Named Support Engineers

  • Named Enhanced Support provides you with a designated technical support expert who is your extended team member at Razormind responsible for ensuring a comprehensive Support experience.
  • Named Support Engineer for your account is identified to ensure the best possible alignment of their specialized skills with your Razormind product setup. They deliver both preventive and reactive Support for your web properties during business hours. You are entitled to periodic engagement sessions with your Named Support Engineer to analyze your Support usageand make sure you have fewer and less critical Support cases.
  • In case of a Support incident and technical break fix issue, your expert works towards prompt resolution since they are already aware of your technology setup and your overall business. A 24x7 global pooled Support team also assists the Named Support Engineer for reactive Support. Your Named Support Engineer will lead the fulfillment and delivery of Razormind Named Enhanced Support.

Preventative Support

 You can benefit through a variety of proactive Support features that Named Enhanced Support has to offer. Together with your Named Support Engineer, you can choose the options that will add the maximum value to your Support experience.

Continuous Proactive Engagement The Named Support Engineer analyzes open issues and engages with the extended team for case resolution/ escalation. You are better prepared for major events with the proactive tickets we initiate, containing all relevant information to facilitate faster response from Razormind Support when required.

Monthly Touch Point Call Your Named Support Engineer schedules a monthly touch point call where case history, ongoing/ unresolved case statuses, root cause analyses and proactive health checks for upcoming events are discussed, along with gathering your feedback. 

Quarterly Support Review Call The Named Support Engineer proactively engages with you through a quarterly review call which provides you with a personalized and analytical view of your Razormind Support utilization through value confirmation report that comprises of case trend analysis, updates on impact of proactive cases and recommendations. 

Preferential Case Handling & Status Updates To keep you informed about the progress and time to resolution of your P1 cases, you are entitled to proactive case status updates until the case is closed. 

Portal Alert Management Your Named Support Engineer helps you configure, setup and modify real-time alerts available through the Razor Control Center. Designed to improve your ability to understand and manage the Razormind extension to your infrastructure, these alerts are delivered via e-mail.

Alerts can be tailored to inform system managers of critical conditions like:

  • Blockchain performance (drops or bursts in traffic)
  • Application related failures
  • Incomplete or aborted transactions
  • Stream associated alerts
  • Fraud Detection

Reactive Support

Unlimited Support Requests

With Razormind Named Enhanced Support you are granted unlimited support requests. You have access to technical support for any Razormind-related issues that impact the performance or availability of Razormind services.

Fast Response SLAs

Your Named Support Engineer assisted by an extended Support team will deliver fast response SLAs during business hours. Beyond business hours, during weekends and holidays, a global “follow-the-sun” pooled Support team will be available. You can reach these knowledgeable consultants by a dedicated toll-free telephone number to ensure technical issues are attended to efficiently and quickly. Your calls and cases are routed through a prioritized support queue to ensure you receive accelerated response times.

Business Hours are, by geography, as follows, Monday through Friday, excluding local holidays:

  • North America (GMT -05:00) 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM ET
  • Europe (CET) 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Asia-India (GMT +05:30) 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Asia-Japan/Singapore (GMT +08:00) 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Customer Training

Two Seats in Razormind University Classroom Training With Named Enhanced Support you get two seats per year for Razormind University Classroom training, at no extra cost. This 2-day instructor-led course provides hands-on training designed to help you extract maximum value from your Razormind investment. web developers, IT managers and those responsible for web operations should attend these courses to increase their knowledge of the Razormind platform and learn how to use it most effectively.

For example, participants can learn to:

  • Create and deploy tech for enterprise and big data usecases.
  • Troubleshoot web and streaming issues using Razormind’s Razor Control Center
  • Optimize networks, and application off load, scalability and performance
  • Support tools and diagnostic training Razormind’s Razor Control Center includes extensive troubleshooting guides and diagnostic tools. Your Named Support Engineer will provide bi-annual training on using this powerful tool set.


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