Mobile devices – haven't they become the first point of call for everything? If you're updating social media, playing games, and researching a future purchase you start with what is literally at your fingertips. Developers of mobile apps must get reliability and performance, irrespective of connection speed, type and quality, from their platform to guarantee the right sale to millions of users.

Agility & Concurrency

High availability and low-latency are key in every part of the architecture underlying mobile apps. Mobile Applications in particular are under huge strain and often struggle with the agility needed to deal with the mass concurrency and dynamic traffic peaks which naturally occur in today's internet consumption. The architecture can often be the making or breaking of your business and Razormind are experts at solving those problems.

Razormind guides you through. Our team provide running examples of how good design will address your challenges. Our free technical talks explain how Razormind teams differ from traditional approaches by focusing on proven results, and how to start building applications on the cloud immediately.

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