Razormind employs an agile, iterative and user-centred design, development and deployment methodology. By basing form and function on user needs and testing and improving rapidly Razormind ensures services are delivered and 'go-live' ready to timescales. Influenced by the widely benchmarked UK Government's Digital Service's design framework, Razormind's methodology follows 7 guiding principles:

Start with end user needs

To ensure products that not only deliver the expected RoI but which users love to use we carry out rigorous research and analysis into user needs, habits and design preferences. By providing solutions with the end user in mind you ensure their quick uptake and long-term use. 

Do less

To ensure your product is future-proof and integrated into your larger IT infrastructure we design platforms that can be built upon by others and integrated into other systems. By providing you with resources like API's you are free to develop your platform to meet your changing needs.

Design with data

Data and analytics, not hunches and assumptions drive our design and iteration process. Our analytical functions allow for continuous improvement as your end-user needs change thereby ensuring platform longevity.

Keep it simple

We believe in simple and elegant solutions, stripped down and without distraction. We put the hard work in during the design process to ensure the end product is clean and beautiful.

Continuous improvement

We create a MVP quickly and then iterate rapidly, testing with end users, improving, getting rid of what doesn't add value so as to move from Alpha to Beta to Live as quickly and safely as possible. This approach de-risks the development process and mitigates against timescale 'creep'.

Understanding context

We design and develop for your end users and all the many ways they choose to access and use your platform. And not just now but in the future too. Our agile approach to design ensures the longevity of your investment.

An open and inclusive approach

We include all stakeholders in the design of your product to ensure it meets everyone's needs, delivers as anticipated and is embraced by users.


Razormind consultants are Prince2 trained and adept in Lean and Continuous Improvement/Kaizen methodologies, bringing these in support of your project.