Enemy Pursuit Centre


Enemy Pursuit Centre


The EPC represents a true paradigm shift in pro-active cybersecurity operations within the Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, and European regions.

This fortified control centre with state of the art suite of services offers our clients the ability to scale, react and defend their proprietary networks. 

The EPC is located within Northern Ireland for maximum effectiveness in dealing with incidents arising from Ireland, mainland UK, and Europe. 

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The Enemy Pursuit Center (EPC) is Razormind’s manned information security operations center, providing clients 24/7/365 remote computer network defense. Our subscription-based remote defense and threat intelligence services are executed from this unique commercial cyber center. The center provides full-spectrum remote security services including:

  • adversary pursuit,
  • perimeter and host-based defense,
  • network anomaly analysis,
  • incident response,
  • malware analysis
  • and credential security.