CyberSecurity Advanced


CyberSecurity Advanced

from 7,500.00

Advanced security
for your enterprise

Change is the only measure of now. Realtime monitoring reveals the threat landscape is constantly evolving. Within your business, your own infrastructure is dynamic and distributed. Valuable assets have become more vulnerable to cyber threats.

It's crucial to get cyber security right. To stay secure and keep business running smoothly, organisations must shift their efforts from traditional defensive mode towards a proactive approach that delivers greater value to the enterprise. Let us 'Man the Gaps' left by traditional cyber security firms and give you the peace of mind you deserve.



A relentless approach to cyber security

Cyber security done right is a never-ending process of continuous improvement – one that evolves and adapts as rapidly as the attackers. It means handling threats at every stage with skill and speed. And it supports your business to meet your strategic goals.

We call this approach Live Shield.



Advanced Clients receive:


  • Managed Detection and Response

    • Our enterprise-grade managed service detects, quantifies and gathers evidence regarding advanced attacks. When we detect an attack, you'll know about it instantly.

  • Vulnerability Management

    • Our powerful, scalable vulnerability scanning and management service will help you identify and remediate known vulnerabilities in any platform or web application.

  • System Protection

    • Protection is the cornerstone of cyber security. Our security products have been powered by next-generation technologies such as behavioural analysis and machine learning for a decade.

  • Cyber Security Assessments

  • Risk and Security Management Advisory

  • Software Security Services

  • Incident Response and Forensics