DeOS is a publicly available blockchain you can use to audit and store information, register and trade smart assets, register identities, write and deploy smart contracts, upload documents, and is free for personal and commercial use.

9.2 million DEOS sold.

(updated 12 Noon 9th September 2016)

What is DeOS?

DeOS is a universal permanent OS powered by blockchain technology developed by the Razormind network. It is extremely lightweight and runs only on idle server time. It provides secure decentralized storage for documents, pictures, and other user data. DeOS Tokens are used to register assets, smart contracts, and identities. It comes with a decentralized DeOS Desktop - with office suite, secure email and secure chat. After registration there is no further upkeep or 'gas' cost.

It is free to use as a global blockchain for business or personal use.

DeOS is a decentralized computer powered by blockchain technology.

DeOS Overview Document

DeOS Features

Here are some things you can do with DEOS:

  • Access DeOS Demo (August 1st - for sale participants)
  • Use DeOS as a Blockchain As A Service
  • Register Smart Assets
  • Write and Submit Smart Contracts
  • Register Identities
  • Create DeOS Account
  • Trade DEOS with other owners.
  • Purchase Decentralized Storage
  • Pay for useful Smart Contracts
  • Upload and Store Documents, Pictures, Data.
  • Download IDEs for programming languages, and desktops.
  • Download and use the DeOS Mobile App 

Here are some things you can't currently do:

  • Trade DEOS at exchanges.
  • Use DEOS in shops.
  • Use DEOS as an investment vehicle.

Some handy facts:

  • Total no of DEOS is 11M
  • 10M of DEOS will be sold in this sale.
  • Remaining 1M will go to the independent DEOS Foundation
  • Foundation will opensource the codebase, test and release new features.
  • Razormind will not own any DEOS after the sale
  • We've reached our minimum threshold and the DeOS Platform will be built.
  • DeOS Grants are available for small businesses and charities to sell DEOS and keep the fiat.

DeOS Pricing

(Sale Completed)

DeOS Purchase Agreement

Razormind is an enterprise architecture firm which works globally on big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain projects. Our primary purpose in initiating this crowdsale is to provide a public owned and
decentralized blockchain platform for people and businesses to use. 

This is not an ICO - it is a crowdsale operating under UK and EU Law. There is no goal other than to launch the DeOS platform globally and allow DEOS purchasers to use it in their daily lives.  We are grateful for the support and interest we have received from government, banking, and business. 

Why Build DeOS?

Because our digital world must be decentralized.

As long as our digital lives continue to be moderated by central authorities like Facebook and Google, users cannot be guaranteed the privacy of their identity and personal information. Perhaps worse, their experience of the digital is always geared towards one thing: Monetization.

We believe the internet and decentralization are about more than just revenue.

DeOS is a publicly available blockchain you can use to audit and store information, register and trade smart assets, register identities, write and deploy smart contracts, upload documents, and is free for personal and commercial use.

We're building a network owned by you and controlled by no one.

Users connect directly to one another, via secure cryptographic channels that prevent governments, spooks, and marketing agencies from eavesdropping without your consent.

How is the money being put to work?

DeOS money is used to directly fund and maintain the first few generations of the DeOS network. Developing, Deploying, Securing, Testing, Monitoring, Analysing, and Scaling the seed network, the data layers etc.

A portion of the cost will go towards developing and releasing the following DeOS Features:

  • Clients for Desktop
  • Clients for Mobile
  • Language APIs
  • Blockchain As A Service
  • Smart Contracts
  • Decentralized Storage
  • Decentralized Computing
  • Language IDEs
  • Dockerised Deployment

It is estimated there will be 1 major release per month with features from the list above. With the final Decentralized Computing release in November.

As we progress we will release regular updates on DeOS platform progress and spending. Resource estimates and delivery performance will be visible to the community. This is part of our commitment to transparency. 

In summary, when you buy DeOS, you're getting early, exclusive access to the DeOS platform. You get a blockchain you can use to register and trade assets, and a place to store information in a secure decentralized cloud. And, you're joining a family of fellow human beings who want to change how we live in the digital world for the better.

How many DEOS are sold in this crowdsale?

10M out of 11M of all initially created DEOS will be sold. 1M will be reserved for the DeOS Foundation to use in developing and releasing the DeOS platform.

How many DEOS are there? Can more be


  • 11M (11,000,000) DeOS will be created.
  • 1200 DEOS will be created yearly to reward seed nodes as part of the Proof of Indexing mechanism.
  • No more DEOS will be created thereafter.

How can I buy DeOS?

The crowdsale finished on 9th September 2016


DeOS Purchase Agreement


How are other DeOS distributed?

There are no other DeOS tokens. Unsold tokens will be released via smart contract to the DeOS Foundation in slices of at most 1M annually.

The DeOS Foundation currently has 12 members - anyone who sends more than 100 BTC is eligible.

How long will the crowdsale last?

The crowdsale will be open for 42 days or until all DEOS are sold whichever is sooner.

The formal end will be on the 9th of September 12.00 GMT.

Multi-signature mechanism

All bitcoins received will be kept in a multi-sig wallet. This protects the funds received from any one point of  failure, whether theft, the loss of a key, or the inability of one holder to access the wallet.

How will the sale work?

Simple! All you have to do is sign up by emailing, receive a BTC address, send as many BTC as you like to it, and wait until the sale is over to receive DeOS to that address.


How will I get my DeOS Tokens?

The DeOS Tokens will be distributed to buyers the week after the crowdsale ends. A download link and instructions will be sent to buyer's registered email address allowing them to access the wallet, and their Tokens. These will be directly usable on the DeOS Platform which launches on October 10th.

Early Access

The first public version of the DeOS will be DEOS owners only. People participating in the crowdsale will be granted access to the first live version of our network. You'll receive an invite to the email address you signed up to the crowdsale site with once we're ready for you (approx. 15th August).

Please note - we will not contact you during the sale, and we will never request your personal details, nor ever ask you for money or any property. Please report any such emails to this or by leaving a message on UK: 020 7193 6611 where they will be dealt with professionally and quickly.