Current Insecurity of Data

Today if you're in the cloud there is almost no way to ensure that your data is not being accessed or disclosed. This also means no way to tell confirm if your data has been compromised, or by whom, or for what purpose - until it is too late. Commercially this has a direct and visible affect on the market as those market players whose data is most secure enjoy increasing market share, higher engagement, and much greater spending per user. They maintain their competitive edge and accumulate gains. Compromised or vulnerable systems are universally distrusted. 

To protect your data and preserve your possesion and control of your digital assets - your IT systems and storage should be secure. Traditionally businesses have had to balance this against the need to make data available and work with it continually. Razormind works on finding the right approach to secure and monetize your data so you join the leaders in the market - where you belong.


Sensitive Data, Remote Users & Personal Devices

The amount and variety of data collected by service providers and the potential number of agencies, service providers and individuals with access to that data, combined with the growing trend of employees using their own personal devices for work, makes securing data a top priority. 

Data Protection & Encryption

Razormind prevents the accessing of your data by third parties by putting your needs - as a business - first. All data is encrypted and may only be accessed through your authentication and private keys. Your team can communicate freely without fear of interception, fraud, or external monitoring. Everything is stored on a decentralized network within corporate servers - effectively preventing any single point of failure. Your data will not be lost or corrupted even if a server goes down. For more information on how this works see DeOS Architecture.


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