Application Innovation Services delivers robust solutions for industry leadership in today's complex world

Application innovation solutions and capabilities

Smarter Commerce


Strategy, design and implementation of robust e-Commerce solutions.

Enterprise marketing Management

Streamline, integrate and analyse relationship marketing, online marketing, and operations for enhanced customer loyalty through implementation.


Strategy, design and implementation of portal-based solutions that facilitate information sharing and collaboration across organisational boundaries and with customers.

Order Management and Fulfillment

Streamline the commerce life-cycle to drive growth and increase the efficiencies of cross-channel selling and fulfillment processes through implementation of  Business Order Management and Fulfillment software suites.

Supply chain solutions

Asset Management

Improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize service levels of your field operations through implementation of enterprise asset management software.

Improve space utilization, reduce energy costs and reduce carbon footprint of your real estate through implementation of Workplace Management Systems.

Procurement Services 

Drive cost savings and faster time-to-value in your procurement processes through adoption of procurement solutions.

Demand Planning and Logistics 
More effectively forecast demand and optimize logistics through software solutions.

Business process management

Consulting and implementation for BPM to empower business and IT to embrace change and continuously optimize key business processes.

Enterprise Integration 
Cost effectively align your integration infrastructure with both your own business processes and those of your key partners, suppliers and customers.

Razormind Interactive

Razormind's digital agency focused on development of next-generation business solutions and ground-breaking user experience models.

Develop applications and solutions to extend business processes to a variety of consumer and enterprise mobile devices.

Contact Centers 
Optimize contact center solutions and operations to drive improved business capabilities and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Emerging technologies and architecture

Align information technology with business goals, drive technology strategy and ensure adherence to IT standards and principles.

Complex Program Management

Design and implementation of end-to-end large scale systems integration projects that integrate systems and applications to support business functions across the enterprise.

Application Development

Develop, test and implement leading edge custom applications to drive innovation and growth across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices

Business Application Modernization 
Improve business alignment, total cost of ownership and application flexibility through a factory-based approach.

Microsoft Development 
Leverage new techniques in architecture development to simplify, streamline, and optimize your Microsoft environment.

Application Development Services for Cloud 
Build custom applications that take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and address industry opportunities for delivering services via SaaS models.