Competitiveness & Peak Traffic


To compete in the advertising world, advertisers need to provide highly available, low latency data to global clients and partners and millions of users. They need to serve large data sets and can experience significant traffic spikes.

Razormind design solutions are ideal for advertisers as they are built with redundant, fault-tolerant architecture meaning advertising companies can serve data reliably and quickly.

Built for simplicity at scale, Razormind solutions - especially DeOS helps Advertisers quickly grow to meet peak loads while keeping base costs low.

Top Use Cases for DeOS in Advertising:

  • Serving Ad Content: DeOS' rapid storage and content agnosticism makes it ideal for storing ad content and handling regional spikes of Ad traffic.
  • Mobile: DeOS is ideal for the low-latency, always-available small object storage needed to power mobile advertising experiences across platforms.
  • Global Data Locality: DeOS Enterprise’s decentralized capabilities allow advertisers to maintain a global footprint while providing an always-on, low-latency experience, anywhere in the world.


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